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The conception of a company that later became the widely known Nestlé began with researches of a Swiss pharmacist Henry Nestlé who tried to create a breast milk substitute for feeding babies. Using milk, wheat flour and sugar Henry Nestlé has developed a product which he named Farine Lactée Henry Nestlé - Henry Nestlé's Milk Flour. In 1867 he founded a company for producing and selling this product. He wanted to create food for babies who could not for some reason be breast fed by their mothers, thus partially solving the problem of child mortality from insufficient or inadequate feeding. The first consumer of the new product was a premature baby whose organism would reject both his mother's milk and the existing substitutes, so doctors turned out powerless. After the new product practically saved the baby's life, Nestlé's Milk Flour received wide recognition and in just a few years was successfully sold in most European countries. In the meantime the Anglo-Swiss Condensed Milk Company founded by Americans Charles and George Page in 1886 was enlarging its range of products and by mid 1870's began producing breast milk substitutes. Nestlé Company, since 1874 owned by Jules Monnerat, made a counter-move and marketed its own condensed milk. The two companies remained the main competitors in the field until they merged in 1905. 





Even though today it is a completely different company, Caffe Molinari still has strong liens with those traditions that gave the business its faultless project, plan and character. Memories are the wealth treasured and highly appreciated by each generation of the family business. Even after so many years these businessmen's traits so characteristic of Emilia region have remained the same: a practical, sagacious mixture of responsibility and professionalism, a passion for original ideas and novelty, a taste for the discovery of new markets - all supplemented by a priceless sense of humor and an ability for an ironic view of things, when necessary. High quality coffee is the basic principle of Caffe Molinari. We represent Molinari brand on the territory of Moldova.


Rhea (also known as Nandu) is a large flightless bird inhabiting South Africa. That is the word that Italian businessmen used when they founded their company designing and producing vending machines in February 1960. Rheavendors appeared on the market with then-famous chewing gum vending machines, and soon enough it could offer its customers machines that sold hot and cold instant drinks and sweets. The first Italian coffee machine received general recognition in the 70's. Rheavendors was the first company to equip the machine with a coffee grinder. Since then coffee machines offer a wide range of drinks, from espresso and instant coffee to cappuccino and hot chocolate.

• Ability to apply innovative solutions at each stage of interrelations.
• Individual approach and excellent logistic support.
The company tends to develop itself together with its clients by offering them innovative solutions through advanced technologies and a competent staff.



Coges S.p.A. was founded in 1977 and dealt exclusively with the production of coin boxes. Subsequently, market extension has determined the company to widen its product range. Thus, it now offers a large number of payment systems for vending machines.
In 1999 Coges S.p.A. received an ISO 9001 certificate.